Applications For Energy Services

When you need a better way to capture, analyze and share data or simply need help improving operational efficiencies, we have you covered with a complete line of intelligently designed application solutions created specifically for the energy services sector.

Data Visualization Experts

If you specialize in:

  • 1

    Oil and gas reservoir monitoring, enhancement and testing

  • 2

    Sustainable power systems design and optimization

  • 3

    Environmental condition evaluation and monitoring

  • 4

    Remote location services with low-to-zero network connectivity

There's an app for that.

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

We build innovative cross-platform applications that help our clients leverage the latest in development technology to emerge as leaders in their specific fields. Our specialty is creating app suites that provide you with powerful tools to improve you business by reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.

Total Management Suites

It's 2022. Modern businesses are data-driven and rely on federated microservices to increase operational efficiency and streamline processes. That means it's time to stop using dated workflows and get hooked up with a custom branded business management suite from Adrenalize, featuring edge-to-cloud data synchronization.

If you prefer to:

  • Manage jobs using applications that automate things like personnel, inventory and asset tracking, syncing changes directly to the cloud.

  • Provide live-updated tools and resources directly to your field staff regardless of connection without worrying about legacy conflicts.

  • Start programmatically generating field reports using field data models designed to propagate through your entire application suite

Then it's time to work with Adrenalize.

Ditch Dropbox. Kick Excel to the curb. And quit worrying about losing your work to intermittent network connectivity. Get in touch with us today to find the right application suite for your operational needs.

Data Visualization Tools

We think data capture, storage and analysis should be simple, but the fact is, most data acquisition hardware comes with clunky software designed by people who don't have a clue about what your business does. That's a problem.

Enter Adrenalize Data Visualization Tools - designed and developed hand-in-hand with people who actually deploy measurement tools in the field. Our tool suites are built using a modular component architecture, allowing your application to remain agile while utilizing a robust set of features that leverage and extend the capabilities of your existing technology infrastructure.

Our data visualization tools are ideal for:

  • Distributed temperature (DTS), acoustic (DAS) and strain (DSS) fiber optic sensing.

  • Single or multi-point geotechnical sensing applications (TC, RTD, piezometric + more).

  • Wireless data capture and analysis from remote acquisition units.

Adrenalize data visualization tools allow for continuous data logging uploaded live to your applications cloud database, so you can monitor your assets remotely from anywhere in the world. With direct integration into our management suites, you can easily generate reports to provide direct, up-to-the-second feedback to your clients.

Bespoke App Development

Our application development model focuses on creating project specific solutions for our clients mission critical tasks and intelligently integrating them into their workflows. Simply put, Adrenalize apps make solving your problems easy.

We flex our development muscles to integrate features that accomplish exactly what clients need, nothing more and nothing less, keeping your management and task specific processes lean, fast and functional. The result? Jobs get done faster, easier and with more accuracy.

If you're ready to transition from dated business management tools to a more modern solution tailored specifically to your business' needs, we're ready to get started on your custom app.

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