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Leveraging Modern Development To Increase Revenue

January 7, 2022
Leveraging Modern Development To Increase Revenue

New technology often makes a lot of promises - can modern development methodologies make your business more money? The answer is a definite yes.


A website is a website, right? Wrong. By understanding different web development techniques, you can actually boost your business' revenue. Let us show you how.

Fast, Positive User Experiences = Increased Conversions

Having a positive experience can be critical for a user when deciding to complete a transaction or interact with an actionable element on your site. In fact, we've written an entire piece on how user experience can affect your business' bottom line, you can read it here. We've also written another piece about how important page load speeds are that describes how much money you could potentially be losing by having a slowly loading website.

To condense the ideas presented in those articles into a relatively general concept, you want to evoke an emotion in your users when they navigate your site. Having an intuitively designed interface that allows them to positively interact with your site is important and not having them waiting around while content renders may be even more important, as this is typically when most users are lost. By using modern development techniques, we can significantly reduce lost conversions and thus increase overall revenue.

Smart Inbound Marketing

Some of the most popular features, and most profitable ones, tend to be inbound marketing tools like chat bots and contact forms, but can modern web development improve the functionality of these tools and boost their ability to attract potential clients, thus increasing your business' revenue? Absolutely.

We leveraging techniques similar to those found in artificial intelligence and machine learning models, we can extend that capabilities of inbound marketing tools to tailor your users experience specifically around the products or services they're looking for. A custom built user experience when interacting with inbound marketing tools can lead to higher conversion rates, thus boosting your potential revenue from this stream.

Think of a chatbot for instance. If you offer multiple products or services on your site, the chances that all users are interested in the same one are pretty slim. However, before interacting with a chatbot, users are likely to browse your site, clicking through to find products or services relevant to those they are interested in, until they either find specifically what they're looking for, or they don't. If we build smart functionality into the website and monitor user interactions, we can predetermine what that user is looking for and in the case where they don't find exactly what they want and decide to interact with the chatbot, serve them information that is immediately relevant instead of forcing them to go through a mundane series of prompts.

By simplifying this process and improving that users overall experience, we almost certainly will have increased the likelihood of converting a sale or at the very least an inbound connection with this user.

Smart eCommerce Techniques

In the same way that we can use modern development methods to predetermine what a user will want to interact with our chatbot about, we can also make assumptions on what sort of products they are interested in. By analyzing the users behaviors while browsing your eCommerce website, we can generate additional product content to display that we think the user may also be interested in and thus potentially add to their cart.

eCommerce users are typically finicky and have shorter attention spans, as they usually know exactly what they're looking for, so when they add a product to their cart, it's important that we try and have them complete the transaction as soon as possible, before they become distracted by something else. One method is to present subtle reminders to the user as they continue to browse that they have an item in their cart. An additional method, when users have created accounts linked to their email addresses, is to send them a reminder that they still have an item in their cart. If unresponsive, an additional tactic could be to send them a small discount if they "buy today". This can all be integrated and automated directly into your web application.

The Right Balance

In the end, the key is to find the right balance of all the above and build a site that integrates and leverages some or all of these techniques to entice users to engage with your brand, allowing them to interact with your site in an intuitive, positive way. At Adrenalize Digital, we pride ourselves in building smart, fast websites and apps with elegant user interfaces that positively influence how users interact with your business and more often than not increase your overall revenue from online streams. Contact us today to find out how we can help you benefit from modern development techniques like those discussed in this article!

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